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Postcard of the Week: Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen

copenhagen nyhavn

Alongside the sculpture of Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid perched upon a rock, this view of Nyhavn is probably the most recognisable view of Copenhagen. Nyhavn is a quaint port adorned with traditional sailing boats and rows of brightly-coloured town houses. In this postcard it’s full of relaxed people strolling by or sitting in one of the outdoor cafes enjoying the sunshine. During my visit in February it looked far more snowy than sunny, much more like the postcard below, but I still appreciated why it’s quite such a photogenic part of town.

         It’s also popular with tourists as a starting point for a boat trip around Copenhagen Harbour, which is a must-do in my opinion. The city has far more canals than I had first appreciated and our boat trip was the perfect orientation we needed to begin our weekend trip to the Danish capital.

           This was my first ever trip to Scandinavia and I thought the thin, brightly-coloured townhouses all lined up in front of the harbour seemed perfectly Scandi. I could even picture the sailors and merchants pitching up all those hundreds of years ago when the Kingdom of Denmark was in its prime as a seafaring nation. Prior to our guided trip around the harbour I was embarrassingly ignorant of Denmark’s history and its various battles (why don’t they teach us more world history in school?). Can you honestly say that you knew of the Battle of Copenhagen in 1807, when the British Royal Navy bombarded Copenhagen and took control of the entire Danish navy? I usually like to think I’m relatively well-educated, but this was all news to me. Which made my visit all the more interesting and new. It’s trips like these that actually teach me something new and open my eyes to somewhere completely new, which is why I’m on such a mission this year to visit new countries. In fact of the 7 trips I’ve taken or booked so far in 2015, 6 of them are to new countries. All very exciting as my brain does love to learn.

        For more about my trip to Copenhagen and what you can do there, take a look at my article on the 9 Things I Adored in Copenhagen

Have you been to Nyhavn in Copenhagen and did you love it much as I did?

kobenhavn copenhagen winter


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