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Category: The Well-Travelled Painting

Welcome to The Well-Travelled Painting, where travel, memories, art, and stories meet a whole lot of blue and white paint! My artwork is designed to draw out the memories of the places and travel destinations I paint, and each one tells its own story. The paintings here come accompanied by a behind-the-scenes look at the painting process and a mini-guide to the place depicted.

If you’re interested to have one for yourself, then you might be interested to know that I do sell my artwork. Several of the paintings below have already found new homes but I can paint replicas if one catches your eye. I also accept commissions if you’d like a bespoke painting of your own, perhaps of a location close to your heart, and they make excellent presents for loved ones! Write to me at, or message me on @TheWellTravelledPainting on Instagram, with any questions, enquiries or requests.