My Favourite Travel Blogs

My Favourite Travel Blogs

I read and follow a lot of other blogs. Some because they’re written by inspiring people, others because they’re thought-provoking or visually beautiful, and others simply because I like them. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of these wonderful bloggers in person and I’m always looking for new blogs to discover, so please comment below with your own favourites!


Travel blogs:

  • The Travel Hack – By the lovely and very stylish Monica
  • 40 Countries Before I’m 30 – Jayne’s blog has won numerous industry awards
  • VickyFlipflop Travels – Vicky’s an expert on everything festival-related and has an enviable job at
  • The Travelista – Jess travels very stylishly and is a newish blogger
  • Travelettes – 8 girls from all over the world co-author this great travel blog
  • Kirst over the World – Kirst studied abroad in Australia and now lives and blogs in London
  • On the Luce – Lucy is a great example of how to travel while working full-time
  • A Lady Away – I met professional photographer Jenn (a fellow DTourist) in Chicago on my DTour around North America
  • Lady in London – An American expat in London, Julie writes one of the very first blogs I started following years ago
  • She Gets Around – Jen is a Brit and another fellow DTourist who started off writing about dating around the world, but now mainly writes about travel

20-something & Lifestyle blogs:

  • GenTwenty – A fountain of good advice & esssential for any girl navigating her twenties
  • The Blonde Salad – A very successful Italian fashion icon, Chiara travels all over the world
  • The Londoner – Rosie writes one of the most successful lifestyle blogs in the UK
  • The Littlest Things – Sophie’s an excellent photographer living in Sydney
  • Between Buttons – A fashion blog written by my former housemates, Laura & Mari
  • Up & Go Girls – Written by two language undergrads, these girls are going to have seriously successful careers when they graduate, I can just tell
  • The Redheaded Woman – My good friend from uni, Caro, writes a hilarious blog about everyday situations, you’ll be addicted!
  • Seeing. Reading. Thinking. Writing. – My schoolfriend Emma writes excellent book reviews of all the latest novels on her blog
  • The Cafe Cat – Sally writes with a great sense of humour

Blogs in other languages:

  • Viaggio Vagando (in Italian) – A good friend of mine, Annalisa from Genoa, blogs about cultures, food, travel & (currently) the UK, where she’s doing Erasmus
  • Reporter Per Caso (in Italian) – A fellow winner of Discover Padova’s social media competition, Barbara writes about her travels


Compiling this list has made me realise that I don’t follow many male bloggers (the men I do follow haven’t made it into this list of my favourites). Male travel bloggers do exist, I know a fair few, so does this indicate a gender divide in internet content? It’s an interesting topic. Do you follow a mix of male & female, or like me do you subconsciously favour one gender in particular?

And which blogs do you follow in other languages?


  1. omg! Virginiaaaa grazie mille per avermi inclusa! 😀 Sono felicissima! Buona partenza, ho letto l’articolo sul prossimo viaggio in Asia! Prendi un po’ di sole anche per me, qui nella TUA Inghilterra non ce n’è abbastanza 😛 😛 😛


    • Certo che ti ho incluso – il tuo blog e’ fantastico! Grazie Annalisa e mi dispiace per il brutto tempo nel mio paese – ma spero che ti stia divertendo comunque!


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