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Category: Turkey

Postcard of the Week: Istanbul

         For 2 or so years of my childhood, my sister and I had an au pair from Istanbul. Over the years we had several au pairs, […]

The Tale of Why I Adore Sailing

         Ahh… The salty sea air, the splash of water on bare skin, the wind in your hair, the spaciousness of the open sea, the escapism… For the past few […]

The Marathon Tourist

         I’ve discovered that there’s a type of person who travels around the world to voluntarily take part in 26 miles of extreme sightseeing – to run marathons. They call […]

Postcard of the Week: the Turkish Coast

          In August I spent a splendid week bobbing along the Turkish coast, admiring the views, soaking up the rays, swimming around in turquoise bays and doing very little else […]