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Video Diary of 2013 Travels with The Well-Travelled Postcard

         Last year in 2013 I travelled to 3 continents, 11 countries and 17 cities, covering a total of 64,818 km. In that time I collected so much video footage and never found the time to make individual videos for each of the countries I visited. So now I’ve finally got round to putting it all together into this video diary above and I’ve loved looking back on an incredible year for travelling and for my travel blog! I tend to spend most of my time thinking about and planning for the future, and I don’t reflect enough on all the great experiences I’ve been lucky to have already. This January I didn’t post an article looking back at 2013, nor did I write about my Travel Resolutions for 2014 (as I did for 2013, see here), so this video can be my belated reflection on an incredible year.

I hope you enjoy it!


    • Thanks Jayne! It took me a whole evening, but the most time-consuming bit was sorting through all my folders from 2013, I took an awful lot of videos. This year I haven’t remembered to shoot nearly so much footage, so unfortunately I won’t be able to do a similar video at the end of 2014!


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