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Category: Videos

Videos from all over the world! Also check out my Youtube channel by clicking on the icon to the right.

Strolling through Milan

Here’s a quick snapshot of my long weekend in Milan at the end of April, which is the next in my ‘Strolling through …’ series, following in the footsteps of […]

Around the World in 102 Minutes

           Have you ever been sitting in a cinema and become so involved in the plot that you literally believe you are an extra character in the film? Only to be […]

Strolling along the Thames

          A stroll along the Thames path on New Year’s Day 2013. Having grown up always near to the coast I have a special connection with water, and hence one […]

Strolling through Modena

          A stroll through Modena, Italy, in May 2012. Taking in some of the iconic places in the city, such as a Spritz cocktail and aperitivi at Caffè Concerto in […]