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International Education Week 2013 and my interview as part of the Language Launchpad


        This week, 18-24th November 2013, is British Council’s International Education Week and throughout the week they aim to “promote the importance of an international dimension to primary and secondary education in the UK and to promote the learning of modern foreign languages as a part of this”. This exactly mirrors my thoughts on the importance of intercultural skills, which I’ve written about on my other website Worldly Minded and also here and is obviously something I was keen to get involved in.

         One of the projects run specifically to coincide with International Education Week is called Language Launchpad, a partnership between the European Commission and the fantastic website, which has produced a series of short videos to be shown in schools across the country to encourage students to study languages. I was very pleased to be asked to give an interview and participate in this project, as someone who has studied languages at university and has managed to incorporate them into my career. You can find my profile in Language Launchpad here and below is the short video of the interview I gave, in which I talked about why I chose to study languages, how they have helped me find graduate employment and my tips for other students considering taking a third year abroad.

And here is a round-up video featuring clips of all the 14 interviewees:

         To celebrate International Education Week, I’ll be attending a reception held at the British Council, on Wednesday 20th November, where I hope to meet some of the other participants in the Language Launchpad project and some key individuals from organisations that are working towards the same goals I share through my own project, Worldly Minded.

Vicky Gough from the British Council’s Schools team said: “International Education Week is a chance to reflect on the importance of teaching languages in the UK – learning another language is important for UK business and helps give students the skills they will need to compete in a global economy. It’s also a chance to celebrate the inspirational work that goes on in schools to help our young people connect with others around the world and teach them to be global citizens.”

         To find out more about how you can get involved, take a look at this website (especially relevant for anyone working in education): Five things to do during International Education Week. Here’s an overview of their five suggestions:

  1. Introduce an international theme in a school assembly
  2. Run an international classroom activity 
  3. Organise a languages day
  4. Create an exhibition of your partnership work
  5. Publicise your activity in International Education Week – and win an iPad!
Do you know of any activities organised near you to celebrate International Education Week? What are your thoughts on the topic?

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    Take a look at my blog post below on the work of the British Council to promote international education. There’s also a short video of an interview I did for Language Launchpad on why I chose to study languages, how they’ve helped me gain graduate employment and my tips for students considering a third year abroad. Are you involved in International Education Week 2013?


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