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Gender Equality and Intercultural Skills in the context of One Young World

Telefonica Millennials at One Young World 2013

        You might have seen some of my other blog posts about the One Young World summit I attended in Johannesburg at the beginning on October 2013 (you can find all of them by clicking here), but it was a truly incredible life-changing experience and one that I want to keep alive and present in my memory for as long as possible. It would be easy to slip back into my old way of life and lose the momentum and passion that all the delegates felt and experienced in Johannesburg, but I’m defiant that I won’t let that happen and as such I have a plan of action for taking next steps towards improving the world around me.

        I decided in advance of the summit that while I would attend every session/talk/debate available in order to learn about as broad a range of subjects as possible, I would also specialise in just two topics that particularly strike a chord with me. The first of these is gender equality, which for obvious reasons is a cause I’m personally interested in, and also affected by. The second of these is the lack of intercultural skills in the UK’s youth, which I have already written about in this blog post, and is related to the Worldly Minded project I am in the process of setting up.

         I have written blog posts for the Telefónica Millennials website on each of these issues, in light of my experience at One Young World, demonstrating how the summit has developed and shaped my thoughts on these two topics. I wanted to provide the links to these two articles as I consider them to both be very important topics. While these two topics don’t constitute the central theme of this blog, The Well-Travelled Postcard, which is exclusively related to travel, gender equality and intercultural skills are very important to me and as such I want to bring them to your attention.

        You can find my two blog posts on the Telefónica Millennials website by clicking the links below:


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    Here are the links to two blog posts I recently wrote on the Telefónica Millennials website about my two main topics at One Young World: Gender Equality and Intercultural Skills. The article on How to Encourage Intercultural Skills is particularly relevant to Worldly Minded and can be found here:


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