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Instagramming my travels from July – September 2013

          Back in August I posted a summary of my travels over April, May and June 2013, as seen through the eyes of my Instagram account (you can find me at vstuarttaylor). If you’re on Instagram then please let me know where I can find you, as I love whiling away hours browsing my Instagram feed.

          Here’s a very belated round up of my travels abroad over July and August (my two favourite months of the year) and September, as seen through Instagram.

Munich – mid-July 2013

1. On our second day in Munich we headed to Lake Starnberg, one of the gorgeous (but very chilly!) Bavarian lakes. 2. I was in Munich on a work trip, and here are the cloudes reflected off the Munich offices. 3. At an awesome outdoor rave on the island of Praterinsel in the middle of Munich. 4. Feast time with the other graduates in a traditional Bavarian biergarten. 5. The Cathedral in Marienplatz, the city’s main square. 6. Another dinner with the graduates in an ancient German pub.

(Take a look at my ‘Postcard of the Week: Munich‘)

Paris – late-July 2013

1. On our first evening in Paris my mother and I headed for delicious wine tasting at O Château. 2. A picnic in the Jardin du Luxembourg in the centre of Paris. 3. After climbing 300 or so steps to the top of Sacré-Coeur, you are rewarded with this view! 4. Once again, at the top of the Sacré-Coeur. 5. An obligatory photo of the iconic Eiffel Tower. 6. I fell in love with the Château de Versailles and this orange garden.

(Take a look at my two Postcards of the Week on the Musée d’Orsay and the Chateau de Versailles)

Sailing in Turkey – early-August 2013

1. We began our sailing holiday in Marmaris marina and this is what I woke upto on the first morning! 2. Marmaris marina has a swimming pool we indulged in to cool off in the heat while waiting for the yacht to be prepped for sea. 3. The British ensign flag in Gocek bay. 4. Peeking out of our cabin’s window, this is the sunrise… 5. I quickly adopted my favourite spot in the water to relax and yacht-watch: the anchor chain. 6. We spent two blissful nights in this turquoise Turkish bay.

(Take a look at my full post about the holiday ‘Sailing and Sauntering Around the Turkish Coast‘)

Wedding near Pamplona – mid-September 2013

1. After one night in Bilbao we drove down through the Basque Country and Navarra towards Villafranca, a small village near Pamplona where the wedding of my former au pair Paloma was to take place. 2. The eve of the wedding, on our balcony in Villa Marcilla, our hotel in Villafranca. 3. The beautiful church in Paloma’s hometown where the wedding took place.  4. Outside the Villafranca Church before the wedding. 5. The venue for the wedding reception is just attached to Villa Marcilla and was absolutely stunning! 6. The festively decorated streets of Pamplona.

(Take a look at my ‘Postcard of the Week: Bullrunning and Festivals in Pamplona‘)

To see more photos, follow me on Instagram and I look forward to discovering your Instagram photos too so I can add you to my list of who to follow!


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