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Postcard of the Week: The British Museum

           The British managed to colonise a stupidly large portion of the world and, along with exploiting and damaging various civilisations for centuries to come with our geographers’ haphazard border-drawing skills, we also managed to pillage a good many priceless historic artefacts and monuments in the process. And this is why we can step into the majestic British Museum in the centre of London and feel like we’ve stumbled into a dead pharaoh’s tomb inside an ancient Egyptian pyramid. We seem to have stolen everything and anything we could get our hands on and as such we have an unrivalled collection of artefacts from pretty much everywhere on the planet.

          The building itself is to be admired, with the austere reading room in the centre, surrounded by a beautiful glass ceiling and neoclassical colonnades at every turn. I find the atmosphere is emits very inspiring, and the restaurant on the second floor by the reading room looks like it might be home to academics and intellectuals.

          The main permanent collection is always free to visitors and they have temporary exhibitions such as ‘Colombian Gold’ (until 23rd March 2014) and ‘Shunga: Sex and Humour in Japanese Art’ (until 5th January 2014).

          The British Museum is an institution in itself and a must-visit, for Londoners and tourists alike. (And I particularly liked the lion in this postcard!)

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