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Tag: Painting

Art: Batuan Style Painting from Bali

         In May, during our trip to Bali, we spent three nights in the jungle near Ubud, the cultural centre of the island now famous for its role in the […]

Art: Woman & Children in South Africa

        While I was in Johannesburg for One Young World we visited Soweto, a group of townships outside the city. En route we visited the Hector Pieterson Memorial […]

Art: Golden Wall Art in Laos

          This is an incredible simple painting, and is one even a child could do. The contrast of the gold against the burgundy is striking and the texture of the […]

Art: Tribesmen in Uganda

          This painting comes from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and actually belongs to my mother, who is much more well-travelled than me when it comes to Africa. (Take a […]

Art: A Tuscan Villa

          This was painted by a family friend of ours, Tim Dolby. He’s a full-time artist and will travel around to find material for a new series of paintings, and […]

Art: Buddhists at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

          The contrast between the bright orange of the Buddhists robes and the cold colours of the sombre sculpture of the stone face make the people the focus point of […]