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Instagramming my travels from October – December 2013

          I recently posted a summary of my travels over July, August & September 2013, as seen through the eyes of my Instagram account (you can find me at vstuarttaylor). If you’re on Instagram then please let me know where I can find you.

          Here’s a round up of my travels abroad over the last three months, as seen through Instagram.

One Young World and Cape Town, South Africa – early-October 2013

1. I flew down from London to Johannesburg, over all of Africa, to attend One Young World 2013 as part of a delegation representing the company I work for. 2. Before the opening ceremony, the 190 flags representing every country participating in the One Young World summit assembled. 3. The final part of the opening ceremony involved every delegate supporting and lifting up an enormous blue OYW flag. 4. After the summit in Johannesburg, a few of us headed down to Cape Town and the very first thing we did was to ascend Table Mountain. 5. This is sunset at Camps Bay, in Cape Town. It is a seriously beautiful part of the world and there’s Table Mountain in the background. 6. I went cage-diving with Great White Sharks one day a little east of Cape Town, and it was one of the most exhilirating things I’ve ever done!

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My DTour around North America – late-October 2013

1. After a couple of nights in Sonoma Valley to kick off my DTour around North America with DoubleTree by Hilton,  I popped into San Francisco to take a look around. 2. Although I was staying in Long Beach, I couldn’t miss visiting LA and seeing the Walk of Fame. 3. Although I wasn’t expecting to like Las Vegas, it ended up being my no.1 highlight of the entire trip! 4. In San Antonio, Texas, I and some local bloggers were treated to a private tour of the Alamo. 5. Architecture is one of the most impressive things about Chicago, and this view displays it perfectly. 6. The last stop on my 17-night DTour was in New York City, and I was staying in the DoubleTree hotel in Times Square – a hustle and bustle hub of life!

(Take a look at my numerous posts on my DTour around North America)

Weekend on the Opal Coast, France – mid-November 2013

1. I fitted a lot of activities into my weekend in Boulogne-sur-Mer, on the north coast of France. One of which was horse-riding. 2. On the Sunday morning I spotted brave sand-yachters bracing the fierce sea winds on Boulogn-sur-Mer beach. 3. These hypnotic jelly-fish welcomed me upon arrival at Nausicaa Aquarium. 4. I got to meet the African pengiuns and their carer at Nausicaa Aquarium. 5. Continuing my fascination with sharks, I tried making friends with them too. 6. On the way back to England via P&) ferries, we stopped at Cap Blanc Nez at sunset to look over across the English Channel, making out the white cliffs of Dover. 

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To see more photos, follow me on Instagram and I look forward to discovering your Instagram photos too so I can add you to my list of who to follow!


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