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Travel Competitions Galore! Please vote for The Well-Travelled Postcard!

          I love a good competition and I think prizes and awards have the sweetest taste! I went through a rather prolific competition-entering phase in 2013, leading to free trips to South Africa, the USA, Canada, Scotland, Italy, and I even ran a few competitions on this very blog, sending one of my lucky readers to Paris for the weekend and sending another lucky reader to Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Over the winter I took a bit of a rest but I’m back on it again and today I’m currently in the running for two competitions:

1. #BloggerAwards14

I’ve been nominated by LowCostHolidays to win ‘Most Stylish’ Travel Blogger in their Blogger Awards 2014! I was kind of surprised by this nomination, as at first I thought they meant most stylishly-dressed. I do like to dress nicely and everything but I wouldn’t say that’s a key aspect of my blog, and I’ve never written about clothes before, but I then realised it must be related to travelling stylishly. Considering some of the trips I’ve been lucky enough to have this past year (I’m thinking specifically of my penthouse suites and chauffered limos all over North America on my DTour with DoubleTree!) this might make a little more sense and I’m thrilled to be nominated!

If you enjoy reading my blog and seeing what I get up to on my travels then I would love it if you could please click here to vote for The Well-Travelled Postcard to win the ‘Super Stylish’ category! All it needs is one simple click, no need to enter any personal data or anything, and voting ends on the 15th April!

Blogger Awards 2014

2. Beachin’ Beaches Photography Competition

This competition is a little different, as I have to choose my favourite beach photo, and there are only 10 entries in total. The entries will be judged by Geoff Harris, editor of a best-selling photography magazine, and the winner will get a £1,000 voucher to spend on a beach holiday from On the Beach! It sounded pretty simple to me so I have had a long perusal of my beach photos over the past few years, and I have finally settled on this one from Cape Town in South Africa last October:


The beach itself is pretty lovely but what makes this beach at Camps Bay really stand out to me in particular is the imposing backdrop of Table Mountain, descending steeply into the Atlantic Ocean. I caught this photo just at sunset, as the day’s sunbathers are packing up and heading home, with gentle waves rolling onto the wide sandy beach, and the setting sun just out of view. The verdant landscapes of Cape Town completely dispelled any assumptions I had made about Africa and I found the area, including the peninsula down to Cape Point, one of the most beautiful parts of the world that I have ever visited.

What do you think of this beach? Have you been to Cape Town and if so what did you love about it most?


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