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Why the Haitian hurricane barely graced your newsfeeds: bad timing or do we simply not care?

This week I’ve had an ‘OpEd’ article published in The Euroculturer Magazine on a slightly different topic from my usual optimistic-loving-life-free-spirit-global-citizen-traveller style…

It’s titled ‘Why the Haitian hurricane barely graced your newsfeeds: bad timing or do we simply not care?’

It’s about the hurricane in Haiti, the earthquake in Italy, Eurocentrism, the empathy gap, aid fatigue and the blame-game between journalists and readers. I’d love to hear your comments, and particularly if you find this sort of topic interesting and would like to see more of it? Let me know what you think!

The Euroculturer

1024px-flickr_-_dvidshub_-_uss_iwo_jima_assists_haiti_after_hurricane_tomasThe aftermath of the Haiti Hurricane. Photo by DVIDSHUB

Virginia Stuart-Taylor

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You wake up around 6am and you’ve no idea where you are or what’s happening. There’s torrential rain pouring down on you, the floors are flooded, the walls and roof above you have collapsed. You struggle outside, only to find destruction wherever you turn and you assume this must be a bad dream – it can’t possibly be true. Except this really is happening. And not only that, but you’re just a 10-year-old girl called Rosemika and you’re in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti, a country lacking the emergency resources to look after a vulnerable 10-year-old in the wake of a deadly 145mph hurricane. Haiti, which still hasn’t recovered from a devastating 7.0 earthquake just six years ago that killed 230,000 people.

On the 4th October 2016, 1.3 million people…

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  1. I think you have some valid points and all three are probably correct. From an American’s perspective, the US media was of course consumed with the election so I doubt many people paid any attention to this. I am not sure if they didn’t care or not, but there just wasn’t much mental energy for this I think which is sad.


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