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Skydiving in Slovenia

This last month I’ve been busy hopping across Europe so I haven’t had much time to blog since my last blog post (Birthday Celebrations and “30 Before 30”), although I do now have a fair few trips to write about. The most recent was to Slovenia with a schoolfriend, where we spent a day in Ljubljana before heading north-east to the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled. On the final day I did something I’ve been wanting to do for years and years but never found the right moment: I went skydiving!

          For my first skydive (I loved it so much that I will definitely do another one!) I was strapped to Matjaž Pristavec, who I later found out is a multiple world champion at skydiving and in Slovenia’s national parachuting team, having done over 11,000 jumps!

        Matjaž is part of Skydive Lesce and he not only threw me out of the tiny plane at 4,000m altitude, taught me to steer the parachute and landed us safely, but he also recorded the whole thing on a GoPro. So here are the highlights of a simply amazing experience. Watch out for the moment we fall out of the plane – it took me by surprise!

Have you been skydiving before? Did you love it or hate it?


  1. Wow looks fantastic. How brave were you? What an incredible experience and how great to do it somewhere special like Slovenia. I’m sure you’ll never ever forget that.


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