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How Well-Travelled Are You?


How well-travelled are you?

The map above shows in green the 57 countries I’ve visited (if I counted the UK correctly as 4 separate countries, it would actually amount to 59 countries). According to the Matador website, I’ve only visited a measly 29% of the 195 countries in the world! I had better get cracking then.

How do you compare? The website asks you to tick the boxes of countries you’ve visited and then produces a map like the one above. Feel free to comment below with your score and let’s see who’s the best-travelled of the lot!


  1. Interesting. It’s a cool idea for an app. I’d also be interested in seeing an app that determines how well traveled you are based on the amount of time you spend in each country. 🙂


  2. I’m going to do this now! Bet mines much lower than yours though, travelling is such a beautiful and inspiring part of life. Wish I could do it more!


  3. Almost every country in Europe, but never visited beautiful Netherlands? Shame on you! 😉

    Bart (from Amsterdam)


  4. Why are US, Canada and Australia split by state/province while Russia and China aren’t? Eastern Siberia is a VERY long way from St Petersburg but counts as one place! (I’ve been to both BTW). DItto Beijing and Urumqi in China (again, I’ve been to both). There is much more difference between Urumqi and Beijing than between e.g. New Orleans and LA. Found this a bit US-centric if I’m honest.


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