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6 Months of The Well-Travelled Postcard

Postcards          Today marks 6 months since my first post, The Beauty of a Postcard, on 13th June 2012. I cannot believe it has flown so quickly and I’m pleased to say that I still have plenty of postcards up my sleeve, on top of the 27 postcards that  I’ve already posted on this blog.

         Apart from postcards, I’ve also blogged about taking a Gap Year, doing a Third Year Abroad and about finding Jobs Abroad. I’ve written about several different experiences and there have been various guest posts too. As I am now currently living and working in London, my travel is somewhat more restricted than it was when I first started the blog as a fresh graduate with the summer holidays ahead of me. I still have plans to travel and I’ll be living abroad again from March-September 2014 as part of my job, but this blog has helped me to travel “vicariously”.

         Although I don’t manage to blog every day, I’m gradually building up a blog with lots of varied information which will hopefully be of use, or at least interest, to you. Since I began I’ve had 5,712 views and I’ve noticed my writing style adapt and develop throughout the past 6 months. So here’s to another 6 months of the blog and I welcome any suggestions or ideas you have for features or guest posts!

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