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Postcard of the Week: Bosham

        This has to be one of my favourite ever postcards. “Bosham?” I hear you say? “Where the hell is Bosham?” Well my friends, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting it, Bosham is possibly my favourite (!) English village. It also happens to be very close to where I grew up, and you’ll find it on the south coast of England, just south-west of the stunning cathedral city of Chichester. It’s a tiny little village of 2,847 people, and village life revolves around the Bosham Sailing Club (where we also have our boats).

        As all the villagers know, the high tide comes in pretty high. There happens to be parking at low tide right next to the water’s edge. Tourists come for a day trip to wander along the coastal path and gaze at the dinghies sailing past, and I can understand how one would lose track of time in such a romantic setting… So the daytrippers then return in a buzz of adoration for this cute, well-preserved haven of idyllic country life, and what do they find? They find their car flooded with water in the middle of high tide! Oops! There are in fact signs to this effect but it does still happen every now and again and I have a fantastic memory of watching men from all round the village take off layers of clothing to wade into the (pretty chilly) water (this is England after all) to help push the poor stranded car out of the water. It’s one of my most vivid memories and it just so happens that Bosham village shops sell postcards of just this!

         But high tide aside, Bosham is a highly coveted little village and the sailing club is a great hub for people of all ages. It has that community feel that has been lost elsewhere. I highly recommend a visit, but don’t tell too many people as it’s such a well-kept secret!


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