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Where Will Your Next Big Adventure Take You?

Manta         The end of the year is typically a time to look back over the last 12 months and make big plans for the coming year. That’s why there are always so many fitness DVDs advertised at this time of year – it’s the time of the year when plans are made. So what plans do you have for next year?

         I personally am getting a touch of wanderlust as it’s been a while since my last big adventure… I hear all about the adventures of other people, such as Malvena Stuart-Taylor’s ambulance trip down the west coast of Africa and also a friend of mine is working aboard an 82 foot yacht, currently swanning around the Caribbean, and it gives me itchy feet.

         So at the end of January I’ll be immersing myself in a plethora of adventures – I’m going to the Telegraph Adventure Travel Show. It’s held at Olympia in London on the 26th & 27th January 2013 and will hopefully be giving me plenty of food for thought on the adventures I could have next year. If you’re someone who seeks out the unusual and who, rather like me, can’t stand to be surrounded by too many tourists (honestly, what is the point of going abroad to a beach resort where you’ll only see other people from your own country?), then you might be interested in the Adventure Travel Show.High rope walking

          If you fit this description, then you can get discounted tickets to the show for only £6 per person (instead of £10) by entering the code WELLTRAVELLED when you buy your tickets online at or by quoting that code when you call 0871 230 7159. There are also Travel Photography and Writing Seminars that I’m quite tempted by, and some explorers and adventurers such as Ben Fogle and Roz Savage will be there themselves to talk about their various escapades.

I’ll report back what I find there!

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