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Postcard of the Week: Love in Paris

Paris: Capitale des amoureux           On Thursday this week it is Valentine’s Day. So I looked through my entire collection of postcards to find the most romantic one that I’ve ever received. And it has to be this one from Paris – the very capital of love. I’ve never been in Paris for Valentine’s Day but I imagine that it must be so full of enamoured couples and tourists that the single Parisians must surely flee the city to avoid all the love-struck souls that fill the city. While not a terribly original idea, I’ve no doubt that many a couple will get engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower on Thursday, and congratulations in advance to them!

          I hope that not too many of you will have to send a postcard to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, because you’re hopefully with them in the same place. However to the many many pining souls in long-distance relationships that can’t be together on Valentine’s Day, scribble a message onto the back of a postcard and pop it in the post. Far more romantic than a skype call..


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