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Postcard of the Week: The Eiffel Tower at night

The Eiffel Tower at night          Paris has already had its fair share of postcards on this blog (the first one of a curvy Eiffel Tower and the second one of Love in Paris) and here is yet another one, this time of the eternal Eiffel Tower at night with an enormous moon. Can the moon really be that big?? I’ll report back at the end of July after I get back from a weekend in Paris with my mother. I haven’t been to Paris since I was about 13 and I’ve all but forgotten it, so I’ll have a lot of exploring to do!

Paris guidebooks         I’ve been busy swotting up before my trip, with not one but two mini-guidebooks and one book full of extracts of literature about Paris, which is seriously whetting my apetite! One of my fellow bloggers, Sophie of The Littlest Things, has been posting lots of photos of her recent trip to Paris (see here and here) which are filling me with ideas!

         Which are your favourite things to do and see in Paris? Please let me know because I’m keen to fit as much into one short weekend as possible!


  1. Ah Paris! I remember seeing the Eiffel tower light up for the first time at night, I wasn’t expecting it (I had no idea it did that at the time) and it was a wonderful surprise!

    There are so many things in Paris to love, (one of my favourites was the Louvre!) But I also really enjoyed just walking along the canal (where they filmed part of the old Highlander TV series no less) and exploring the back streets filled with little shops and cafe’s.

    And if you do go to the Louvre, remember the first Sunday of every month is free admission!


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