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Postcard of the Week: Paris in Shades of Blue

Paris postcard

         I’ve already blogged about a number of postcards from Paris, probably more than any other city, although I’m not sure of the reason for that. I wouldn’t say I know Paris particularly well, and France is certainly not as close to my heart as Spain and Italy for example. But this one postcard caught my eye too, on top of the others I’ve already posted here. I bought this one, featuring Paris in shades of blue, almost a year ago when I visited the French capital with my mother.

        Blue is without a doubt my favourite colour and is said to conjure up feelings of calm and relaxation – an illusive and precious emotion that nobody can ever get too much of in my book! I designed my bedroom in my mother’s house to be in shades of blue, black and white, my wardrobe is dominated by those very same three colours and I’m always drawn to the combination. Blue and white are also always associated with nautical themes, which suits me perfectly as I grew up near the sea and love to be utterly surrounded by blue water and blue skies, aboard a dinghy or yacht.

         Whoever designed this postcard is a man/woman after my own heart, and it’s the vividness of these blues that make this postcard appealing. Doesn’t Paris just look so enticing through these little snapshots? What colour would you most associate with Paris?

Other postcards from Paris:


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