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Postcard of the Week: Malaysia (above & below the water)

Turtles underwater          Malaysia is often overlooked as a holiday destination in favour of its more famous neighbour, Thailand, which is practically overrun by tourists. Malaysia doesn’t have that reputation for full moon parties so it avoids that particular type of tourist, and as such, those who make the extra effort to venture further south than the Thai Islands will be richly rewarded. For a start, the country’s beauty spots are remarkably uncrowded. And anyone who’s keen on scuba diving will already have Malaysia in their sights as it has some of the most pristine reefs in the world.

         Here’s another view of Malaysia’s coastline, this time from above the waterline. The luscious vegetation and sparkling clear waters are enough to pull in anyone, and if this postcard doesn’t make you want to go there, then I don’t know what will.

           Also take a look at Jamie Penketh’s guest post, which he wrote for this blog on his time living in Malaysia and working in a local hospital.

Aerial view of Malysian coastline

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