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My Erasmus Semester in Córdoba, Spain

Moorish architecture

          A couple of months ago published an interview about my internship at Armani on their website. But that was only half of my Year Abroad! Before moving to Italy for that, I spent six months living and studying in the beautiful city of Córdoba, in the south of Spain, and I haven’t really touched much on that so far on this blog. I’ve now posted an article on my time in Córdoba on the website, which you can take a look at here:

          I studied at the University of Córdoba as an Erasmus student, but I also taught English privately and in a school on the side, and fitted in a fair bit of travelling around the rest of Andalucía. I seriously recommend you put Córdoba on your list of places to visit, as I had a fantastic time, met some truly lovely people and I have very fond memories of my six months there.

         For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the fantastic website was founded in 2010 by Lizzie Fane to help students weigh up their options and cope with the many stresses of moving abroad for the first time. The website features articles written by people who’ve taken a Year Abroad and it’s a great way to help prepare other people for their Year Abroad, so obviously I was keen to offer any help I can! My article is now up on her website (click here to read it) and I’ll give you a sneak peek here, as well as some extra photos that aren’t with the article… Click on any photo below to open the gallery.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

My top 5 things to do in Córdoba:

  1. Treat myself to the indulgent (but very cheap) Arabic Baths in Calle Corregidor Luís de la Cerda. A massage and two hours of bliss for just €36.
  2. Read Spanish literature while sipping a tinto de verano in the shade of a tree, listening to the gentle splash of a nearby fountain, in the Plaza de Jerónimo Páez, in the heart of the Judería (the Jewish Quarter and the oldest part of the city).
  3. Have a breakfast of tomatoes & olive oil on toast, sitting on the sunny balcony of the Moroccan-inspired Sojo Ribera (which is a club by night) overlooking the Quadalquivir River.
  4. Share plates and plates of delicious tapas with friends in Bar Moriles, the city’s best tapas bar (although admittedly not the most beautiful), on Calle Antonio Maura.
  5. Dar una vuelta, that is, take a stroll around the city after the essential siesta, when the city wakes up again and everyone heads outside to see and be seen. It’s at that hour when the heat is beginning to subside and the shops re-open. My favourite pastime of all!


  1. I was in Granada for a couple of months earlier this year, totally loved it and will probably coma back to see the rest of Andalusia and Cordova. Got to try your tips 🙂


  2. Your blog has been so useful to read in preparation for my year abroad as I too am studying Spanish and Italian. I’m currently undecided as to whether to study in Salamanca or intern in Madrid for 6 months, do you have any advice on either for the year abroad? Thank you!


    • Thanks Kiran, glad it’s useful! Well, studying in Salamanca will probably be more ‘fun’, as it’s a great university town, with lots of students and you’ll have enough free time to properly enjoy it. However if you’re lacking work experience on your CV then you should probably go the internship in Madrid to help you find a job after graduating. Is there any chance you can do both, maybe doing the internship in the summer holidays?


  3. Is there any way I can talk with you about your experiences in Cordoba? I want to study there next year but I have so many questions on my mind. Btw I loved your blog.


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