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My Internship at Giorgio Armani in Italy

          Everyone from the UK who has done a Third Year Abroad will know of the fantastic website Founded in 2010 by Lizzie Fane once she realised that there just wasn’t enough information out there to help students weigh up their options and cope with the many stresses of moving abroad for the first time, it’s since grown into a fountain of knowledge that I really envious of! She hit on such a brilliant idea & is the only one in her niche that has grown to be so successful.

          The website features articles written by people who’ve taken a Year Abroad and a few weeks ago she tweeted me to ask if I’d write about my internship at Armani – something which I haven’t yet done on this blog! I have posted about Modena and put together a little video of Modena, but I haven’t yet told you about the 6 months I spent working there at Giorgio Armani. My interview is now up on her website (click here to read it) and I’ll give you a sneak peek here, as well as some extra photos that aren’t with the interview… Click on any photo below to open the gallery.

          The interview was posted only 4 hours ago and has already had 443 views! I know her website is much much bigger than mine but I was not expecting anywhere near as many! So I thought it would be unfair to not give you the chance to read it too:

Here’s a snippet:

Q: Overall did you enjoy the experience?

A: Working abroad in Italy was one of the highlights of my entire degree and I’d recommend it to anyone – not only will you have a brilliant time living and breathing the culture, but you’ll instantly become a sought-after graduate with international experience!


  1. Just read your internship abroad in Italy. Very amazing. What a great life experience. I have always dreamed of living abroad, immersing myself in a new culture and improving my language skill (French).


  2. What an amazing experience! I would love to speak another language fluently, let alone several – god knows I’ve tried to learn. Love your blog, have bookmarked it and am currently having a nice dig around the archives! Andrea x


  3. Thank you both! I had the absolute time of my life – it’s hard to condense 6 months down into one interview! It’s true that the first part of learning a language is the hardest, but once you’ve mastered it, the feeling of satisfaction is so worth it. And when I’m living abroad, even if I’m working, I still feel like I’m on a constant holiday 🙂


    • Hi there. I’m so glad to hear of your good experience. I’m a fashion design degree student, as Giorgio Armani is my ultimate dream brand, naturally I am trying to apply for an internship with them. I was wondering if you could give me the email address of the person in charge of internship. I hope to hear from you soon.


      • Hi Mark, that’s great that you’re interested in working in fashion. I’m afraid I can’t give out email addresses, and in any case it’s been a couple of years since I was working there so I’m afraid I can’t help in that respect. Try emailing the HR department in general and see what they say. Good luck!


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