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Strolling through Modena

          A stroll through Modena, Italy, in May 2012. Taking in some of the iconic places in the city, such as a Spritz cocktail and aperitivi at Caffè Concerto in Piazza Grande, Via Emilia, the Giardini Pubblici, part of Piazza Roma and Via Farini, Corso Canal Grande, one of the city’s newer gelaterie ‘La Gelida Voglia’ and of course the cathedral’s tower, the Torre della Ghirlandina.

        Other than attempting to put together the odd music video with the our very first camcorder back around a decade ago, I’ve never before really dabbled with video editing. The above video is effectively then my debut “motion picture”, if it can be called that, as it does possess pretty much all of the characteristics of an amateur home video. Having become extremely frustated with the usual programme Windows Live Movie Maker, which came installed on my laptop, I ended up downloading  a rather basic and free editing programme called VideoPad. Mod-cons it may not have, but for a first ever attempt at sticthing together various clips of video, it served a purpose and is an easy programme to figure out in a minute or two.

          For some years I’ve been very into photography, although I don’t yet use an SLR camera, and it is much easier to snap one picture than collate various videos and try to decide a story for your video, etc. But in May 2012, about a week after finishing my final exams of my degree in Exeter, I headed back out to Modena (where I spent half of my Year Abroad) to finally relax, and it was absolutely just the perfect place to do so. I spent my days and nights wandering around Modena without a care in the world, enjoying the sun and the familiar Italian cuisine I’d been missing during my last 8 months of  “exile” in England. Suddenly finding myself commitment-free, I took to playing around with my beloved camera, trying out video effects and filming some of my favourite parts of Modena. It then took me a whopping 6 months to actually put these clips to any use!

Here is the finished article, which will hopefully give an insight into Modena’s charms for anyone who has not yet had the good fortune of visiting it…

Having finally got round to it, there is now a Well-Travelled Postcard Youtube channel as well, which will hopefully feature more travel videos in the future!


  1. Virginia, knowing how much I loved Modena, thank you for pointing me in the direction of your film as it brought back great memories of our three splendid days there. Also, you’ve further encouraged me to try my hand at making videos. My husband enjoys chronicling our voyages on films so much, though, that I’m not sure I could take over that aspect of our storytelling. 🙂

    Did you get to climb the Ghirlandina Tower? I figure it would be a good way to burn off all the calories from the delightful food!


    • Thanks! I love making videos but they are unfortunately quite time-consuming (I’m no pro yet!) so I don’t get round to doing as many as I’d like. But yes I did go up the Ghirlandina Tower, and it’s quite cute to look down on Modena and see just how small it is. As I lived there I could also pick out all my favourite streets, even the building I lived in, so really loved that!


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