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Postcard of the Week: Norway

Norway postcard

         Despite Norway only being just a short way across the North Sea from England, I have never been there. I’ve heard tales of the fjords from a friend who spent a month or so there for work (she’s a chef on a luxury yacht!) and I’ve been enchanted by the idea of seeing the Northern Lights since I was a very little girl.

One day, one day… Sweden equally fascinates me.


  1. It’s one of my favourite countries in the world.. the nature is amazing unfortunately it’s so expensive. Let me know if you ever need any tips. Planning on doing a norwegian post on my blog soon. x


  2. Just a lovely country, the weather change at least 5 times/day, but that makes Norway so beautifull. Alcoholic drinks and fish are verry expensive…but iT doesn’t hold me to visit Norway again…


  3. Norway was quite interesting. We went there this summer. To see the Northern lights you have to be up in the extremely cold regions though. I am lucky to be forced to accompany my sweetheart on a trip to Svalbard in 3 weeks. I hope we get to see the Northern Lights!


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