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The ‘Languages for the Future’ report by the British Council and International Education Week 2013

Here’s a blog post I’ve published on Worldly Minded, a website I set up specifically to deal with intercultural skills, about International Education Week 2013 and a great new report launched yesterday at an event I attended at the British Council.

Worldly Minded

        Last night I attended a reception held at the British Council in London to celebrate International Education Week 2013, which is running this week from 18-24th November and which aims to encourage language study in the UK, as we as a country are seriously under-skilled when it comes to languages in comparison to our European counterparts. The reception brought together a wide variety of people (language teachers, policymakers, civil servants, businessmen and women, graduates such as myself, translators, representatives of language and culture organisations, etc.) who all fully believe in the importance of language skills in the global economy. As a particularly keen advocate of language learning, I found myself in good company with plenty of like-minded people.

British Council IEW2013

       There are various different events and elements of International Education Week 2013, and yesterday marked the launch of a new report commissioned by the British Council called ‘Languages for…

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