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Postcard of the Week: “Live every day as if it is your birthday”

postcard quotesThe past few months have been exceptionally busy and I have slightly let slip my weekly tradition of posting a Postcard of the Week… I finally feel like I might be getting close to getting on top of everything that’s going on, but I’ve actually realised that I love being busy and that I thrive under pressure.

         I spotted this postcard in London last week and thought it rather summed up some of my current philosophy about life: Live every day as if it is your birthday. Do everything you really want to do today, don’t wait or put things off until tomorrow, and treat yourself each and every day. I’m a big planner and love to fill up my calendar with exciting things to look forward to. Over the past few months I’ve had something different & exciting to do or ponder practically every day, and yes it has been exhausting, but I have loved the last few months and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I’ve been busy travelling, seeing friends & family, going to events/theatres/galleries/etc., working on exciting projects (like this blog and Worldly Minded for example), making plans for 2014 and living in the moment. These are all thing I love doing so even if I am constantly pressed for time, why would I drop any of these or give any of them up? So this is my dose of life philosophy for this week and here’s to a hopefully busy couple of months to come.


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