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Art: Woman & Children in South Africa

Art in South Africa

        While I was in Johannesburg for One Young World we visited Soweto, a group of townships outside the city. En route we visited the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Orlando West, which was  built to remember to the students and children who were killed there by police on 16th June 1976 when a peaceful protest went wrong. Hector Pieterson was just 12 when he was shot dead. This painting doesn’t actually relate to the story of the massacre, but I did buy it from a market stall very nearby. It depicts a traditional woman with her two children as they carry packages on their heads. Of all the paintings available this one appealed to me because of its colour scheme. Some of the others were much more colourful, leaving the observer a little overwhelmed by the image and unable to appreciate the lines and contours of the hand-painted textile. Below are some photos of the other paintings on offer. Which one would you have chosen?

Selection of paintings on sale Selection of paintings on sale

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