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Postcard of the Week: Madrid

Postcard from Madrid

          My first Postcard of the Week from Madrid! I’ve been here 10 days now and so far it’s entailed: settling into my new flat, starting my new job, meeting up with friends old and new, and a lot of eating and drinking! I’m saving up all the ‘touristy bits’ for when friends and family come to visit, as I’m sure to go round all the main sights multiple times with each of them. Before arriving one of my best friends sent me this article, ‘101 Cosas Para Hacer en Madrid Antes de Morir‘, which I’m going to tick off as I go. This postcard is similar, as it sums up some of the bits I already know of Madrid, and some that are yet to come! Here’s a quick guide for the uninitiated as to what it all means:

  • Velazquez, Picasso & Goya: The three artists that reign over Madrid’s famed art museums, which I visited back in 2010.
  • Malasaña & Chueca: Two neighbouring barrios full of edgy bars and tapas bars, where you’ll find all the young madrileños around midnight at the weekends. I explored both of these areas this weekend & my two favourite spots were Kikekeller Bar and Ojalá restaurant, whose basement is full of sand!
  • Vino tinto, cerveza, tapas & jamón: Hopefully no explanation needed! Demonstrating the importance of Spain’s incredible food culture.
  • Sol: One of the city’s main plazas, the place to see in the New Year, which I explored last night after a drink on the 9th floor of Gran Vía’s El Corte Inglés, which has a great panoramic view over the rooftops of Madrid.
  • El Rastro: A renowned flea market that’s open on Sundays and public holidays from 9am-3pm, which I’ve not yet been to.
  • Lavapies:  The old Jewish quarter which is now home to (you guessed it!) lots of cool bars and restaurants.


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