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Postcard of the Week: Charleston, South Carolina

Postcard from charleston

I haven’t personally been to Charleston, in the US state of South Carolina, but I received this postcard from my boyfriend about 6 months ago when he travelled there. What I do know about Charleston is that it’s a historic city, characterised by centuries-old townhouses, plantation-era architecture and horse-drawn carriages, close to the beach, famed for its cuisine and if that weren’t enough… according to Condé Nast Traveller, Charleston is “America’s Most Friendly City”.

        I’m told that the 19th-century grand houses in wide, tree-lined avenues means that Charleston retains a feel of the antebellum period from which they came. Also famous is Rainbow Row, a street of brightly colored terraced houses.

        The heavy heat of the Deep South in summer means that the pace of life also harks back to another age, reinforced by the horse-drawn carriages idly taking passages around town. Escape the heat to the sandy beaches on the South Carolina coast where many Americans have holiday homes. Or, to a number of outstanding restaurants and cafés cooled by large fans and air conditioning to sip on iced tea and dine on a more refined and delicious take on the famous southern cuisine.

It all sounds rather idyllic, especially as we’re currently in mid-winter over here in the UK. If you’ve been to Charleston then please let me know what you thought of it!



  1. I saw this POSTCARD blog actually while looking for something else. I BECAME homesick. Although I originally come from Missour, I used to live in Columbia, SC and spend weekends in Charleston. Great city! Great place to rent a house on Sullivan’s Island or Isle of Palms! The beach is great, and simply Southern hospitality can still be felt in this city. In fact, I would move there in a heartbeat, but the summers are really hot. For this reason, the typical Charleston (and southern home on the coast) would have the verandas placed in such a way as to feel the wind breeze in and out on a hot summery day.


  2. Hey Virginia! I just found your blog via and im super excited to follow it. I was actually born and raised in Charleston which made it quite exciting when i saw your post card from there!


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