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Postcard of the Week: the island of Antigua in the Caribbean

Antigua beach postcard

Heaven. Just heaven. Antigua is a small Caribbean island about the same size of the Isle of Wight in England, with just 80,000 inhabitants. It was a British colony until 1981 so it has a strong English feel, which was unusual for me as I usually prefer to visit countries with a different heritage and culture. However we weren’t in Antigua principally for its culture or tourist sights, we were there for its warm waters, clear waves and its sailing.

        The British Empire was very much built upon our supremacy on the open seas, and the Caribbean islands that my British ancestors colonised depended heavily on sea trade and naval links. The sailing tradition has remained strong even through the advent of air travel, and Antigua is an excellent place to sail! Its main towns all have thriving harbours fully equipped for keen sailors and skippers, and the best way to experience the island is to admire it from a boat! And if you’re in my position in particular, with a choice between completing my Day Skipper in rainy, cold England or in tropical, beautiful Antigua, then it’s a no-brainer.

         In May my mother, sister and I spent 10 days in Antigua, half of which we dedicated to getting our RYA Day Skipper qualification. I’ll write about the trip in more detail another day, with plenty more photos of we three pirates of the Caribbean, but for now I’ll leave you with this balmy postcard to really give you travel pangs… It certainly does to me!

Antigua beach near Jolly Harbour

Have you been to Antigua or another Caribbean island? What would your preference be: to take to the water or to make the most of a stunning beach like this?


  1. I’ve been to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, but not Antigua! It looks and sounds amazing! I’m headed to Jamaica in the fall and plan to divide my time equally between the beach and the water! (And maybe the swim up bar…)


  2. I’ve been to quite a few Caribbean islands, but not Antigua (yet). My favorites so far are Saba and Anguilla, but they are very small. Perfect for day trips.


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