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Postcard of the Week: Chiswick House in London

I have a real penchant and curiosity for stately homes – I can’t get enough of them! These “dream houses” are mostly found in the very rural countryside, but even in our dear capital it’s possible to explore a gem of a stately home. In a western suburb of London called Chiswick, you’ll find a palatial stately home, albeit a little shrunken! From looking at this photo you’d imagine an enormous building on the scale of Chatsworth House perhaps, but upon arrival you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually quite diddy! Don’t get me wrong, no house I’ve ever lived in is quite that big, but the Neo-Palladian columns and entrance staircase give something of a false impression!

        Chiswick House was actually a mere summer house project built by the third Earl of Burlington in the 18th century, after he visited Italy on the Grand Tour and decided he fancied himself one of those Veneto countryside villas that dot the Italian landscape. And if you can afford it, then why not indulge your fantasy of an Italian villa in London?!

        Luckily for us, he did indeed turn his dream into reality and visitors can now explore his summer house and his stunning grounds, which occasionally host open air opera evenings, flower festivals and other idyllic, civilised cultural offerings. If you’ve a spare, sunny day on your hands, then definitely take a look around Chiswick House as I adored it!

Have you been to Chiswick House in London? Do you know of any other stately homes and beautiful buildings within a stone’s throw of the Big Smoke?


  1. I have just move to London with my family so we are closer to our office. I am very impressed by the Chiswick House! I visited last weekend with the kids and we had some great time. I also learned many interesting facts about the house itself. Unfortunately, I don’t really know any other buildings like this in London, but I am pretty curious to find more! Thanks for the post! It is really interesting! Greets!


      • I live and work in Chismiwck, so it’s not a big surprise that I love Chiswick House, but I want to share my opinion for Marble Hill House. We were so lucky last week to have a lovely guided tour of Marbel Hill. We’ve been meaning to visit for years and it’s certainly worth while. It’s is unique along the Thames, and indeed in Britain. You have to enter the house on a guided tour, which, if anything, enhances the experience and highlights parts the casual visitor may not otherwise have realised. The tour guide was superb and obviously knew an awful lot about the house and its surroundings.


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