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Postcard of the Week: Thank you your Majesty!

Postcard of the Week Queen

You’ve probably heard that our dear Queen has recently hit a rather impressive milestone! She’s out-reigned any previous monarch of the British Isles  with an incredible 63 years and 7 months under her belt. She succeeded to the throne when she was just 25, a year younger than I am now, tasked with the remains of an enormous empire to look after. And hasn’t she done it well? She’s (almost) universally loved and she never puts a single foot wrong.

        You might claim that to be quite easy, but I beg you to cast your eyes south a little to Spain to see how tough a time the Spanish Royal Family have had in the last decade. I was living in Madrid last year when King Juan Carlos shockingly abdicated after 39 years on the throne, in favour of his son, as popular opinion was so against him after several wrong steps: the elephant-hunting, the public-fund-embezzling-son-in-law and the rumoured-affairs. My aunt and I embraced the crowds on Prince Felipe’s coronation day and saw the new king wave to his public from the Royal Palace in Madrid.

        And our dear Queen is just a brilliant queen, if you don’t believe me then please do check out this hilarious Secret LDN article: 10 Photos that prove that Her Majesty Is Officially the Queen of Sass. Hilarious!

        I recently looked round the beautiful Buckingham Palace during its two-month summer opening while the Queen is off on holiday in Scotland at Balmoral, and so I’m feeling extra warm to her royal highness. In a random aside, the television channel France 3 recently covered the news of her majesty’s big milestone and came over the to UK to interview a couple of people about what it means today to have a royal family, as in France of course they haven’t had one since the 18th century. Through my involvement in a campaign that’s going through the House of Lords at the moment, they interviewed my father and I, so I recently made a brief 2-minute cameo on national French TV! I woke up the following morning with a sudden spike in blog traffic from France, so hello to all you new French readers!

King Felipe coronation

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