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The Well-Travelled Podcast Bonus Episode: A Postcard from the Greek island of Kefalonia

A special bonus episode of The Well-Travelled Podcast is now live! I recorded Series 1 of my podcast in 2020, but I also record one-off bonus episodes from my travels as and when I’m away, reminiscent of the postcards that originally inspired this blog and its name. This bonus episode comes live from my month-long trip to the Greek island of Kefalonia – my first trip abroad in 8 months due to the pandemic.

It’s both an insight into the uncertainty, stress and challenges of travelling abroad from the UK during a pandemic, and also a postcard of the island, offering a guide to the best villages, beaches, hikes, restaurants, vineyards and activities in Kefalonia. These snippets will put you in my shoes and transport you to an almost empty deserted in the Ionian Sea, to show you how I’m spending this month in paradise and very possibly even put Kefalonia on your travel wishlist.

Listen here on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts

Have a listen to the episode on whichever platform you’re using (Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsBreakerPocket CastsRadioPublic, Overcast, Anchor) and please do rate and review. For a further insight into the challenges of navigating a trip abroad at this moment in the pandemic, you can take a look at this blog post written during my first week in Kefalonia:

Happy listening and as ever, let me know what you think in the comments below or message me on Instagram or Twitter!


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