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Tag: Africa

Cape Town Part 3: The Winelands

          The area around Cape Town is also known for its excellent wines, and South Africa actually hold the no.8 spot in the world for quantity […]

Cape Town Part 2: The Cape Peninsula

         The Cape of Good Hope is the most south-westerly tip of the African continent and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean as a thin and mountainous […]

Postcard of the Week: Greetings from Ghana

          My mother, Malvena Stuart-Taylor, was out in Ghana again a few weeks ago volunteering and training Ghanaian doctors with the G.A.S. Partnership, and she sent me this postcard. Last […]

Art: Tribesmen in Uganda

          This painting comes from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and actually belongs to my mother, who is much more well-travelled than me when it comes to Africa. (Take a […]