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Art: Tribesmen in Uganda

African Art          This painting comes from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and actually belongs to my mother, who is much more well-travelled than me when it comes to Africa. (Take a look at her guest post on her ambulance drive from the UK down to Ghana.)

          I like the emphasis on the clothes, which seem to swamp the stick men beneath. The way the artist has decided to portray the tribesmen’s hair unsettles me somewhat, as it appears more appropriate for an insect or a bird. Interestingly, the limbs remind me of Picasso’s illustrations for the epic Spanish novel Don Quijote. The sky is similar in colour to my artwork from Kenya, which I think tells the viewer immediately that the setting is Africa. Red sky = Africa. The lack of features in the landscape behind the tribesmen gives an impression of the scarcityof vegetation, and the brown ground beneath them conjures up images of a water-starved and cracked mud ground.

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