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Postcard of the Week: New York

Central Park, New York         At some point in the next few months I will be back in New York once again. Last time I went I picked up this postcard. Aged 17, in my last year of school, 40 or so of us went on an ‘Art’ trip to New York. In fairness we did go round a lot of significant galleries (the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and I was one of the few who was actually studying Art at the time. In the UK from 16-18 we only have to study 3 or 4 subjects, so there weren’t that many who continued to study Art, which in all honesty isn’t the most useful of subjects when it comes to future careers. But I continued with Art because I loved the creativity of it and it didn’t feel like work. I still miss painting and wish I had more time to actually create art, rather than just observing it in the many excellent galleries around Europe. But that’s another matter…

          We went to New York in October when the weather is already pretty chilly, although not snow-topped like the postcard above of the ice skaters in Central Park. New York is a mythical city that leaves you in awe simply at the sheer size of everything and the immense height of its skyscrapers. Especially compared to London, which is a very flat city in comparison. Aside from the galleries we also went up the Empire State Building, took a boat ride out to see the Statue of Liberty, saw a show on Broadway and of course did a lot of shopping too. The only shame about this trip to New York is we were 4 years too young. With the drinking age at 21, we missed a whole side of New York which I can only imagine from films must be incredible. I can’t wait to try out New York post-21!

         Immy May, one of the bloggers I follow, is currently living in New York so you should definitely check out her blog: 


  1. The best thing about travel is that there are no rules or limitations. So you went to New York once and had an amazing time, now you can go back and have an entirely new experience! That’s one of the things I love about travelling, I love going to new places, but when I do go back to somewhere I love, there is always something new, something different, deeper, to explore.


  2. Sounds like a nice school trip! Definitely better to go with a group focused on one subject. I went to London with school when I was 16, which was fun, but we were such a large group it was hard to see anything of much interest for all of us. I imagine drinking in New York is incredible as well; despite being 21, I’ve only gotten a drink out once! It’s so strange to finally be able to drink here after so long. 🙂


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