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Help Needed! Vote for The Well-Travelled Postcard #ThruTheQ to New York in the Next 24 Hours and I Will Personally Send You a Postcard from NYC

Win flights to New York #ThruTheQ

There are less than 24 hours left until the #ThruTheQ Aer Lingus competition ends. There are 19 bloggers competing to win a trip to New York and become the official Aer Lingus blogger in NYC, and for about 5 days I was in 1st place! I’ve now slipped to 2nd place just behind a lifestyle blogger and I need all the help I can get to make it into 1st place in the next 24 hours, by 11am tomorrow on Thursday 26th March. If you haven’t already heard about the competition, then take a look at my blog post for all the details and instructions of how to enter. In my mind it should be a travel blogger (hopefully me!) that heads to New York to blog for Aer Lingus, but it’s in the hands of you voters! Please please do vote, I’d really appreciate it.

What’s in it for you? A postcard from New York!

PostcardsWell, you’re not only entering a competition to win 2 free Aer Lingus flights to New York City for yourself as well as £1,000 spending money (incredible prize, don’t you agree?), but if you vote for The Well-Travelled Postcard and help me to make it into the number 1 position, then I will personally send you a thank you postcard from New York! If it weren’t clear enough from the title of my blog, I’m really into postcards! It’ll be my way of saying thank you for voting for me, and I will give you a little slice of New York via the good old traditional post. And who doesn’t love receiving postcards?

As you might win a pair of flights to New York, who would you take with you? Make sure you tell that person to vote as well, that way you double your chances of winning! You’ve only got 23 hours left to get your two votes in (once today before midnight and once tomorrow before it closes at 11am) so be quick! Here’s how to vote:

So how do you enter?

  1. Click here to go to the #ThruTheQ website
  2. Click ‘Vote Now
  3. Find ‘The Well-Travelled Postcard‘ in the list of bloggers and click ‘Choose Me’
  4. When they ask you ‘Which airport gets travellers stateside fastest?’, click ‘Via Dublin Airport‘ (This is very important! If you choose either of the other cities you’re incorrect and your vote won’t count!)
  5. Enter your name, email address, preferred UK departure airport and then click ‘Tweet to Win
  6. Vote once today before midnight and once tomorrow before it closes at 11am
  7. Voilà! Thank you and good luck!


If you’re after a taste of New York or want to see what postcard you could be receiving from New York, take a look at my previous posts about New York: ‘DTour Part 10: And last but not least… New York City!‘, ‘Postcard of the Week: New York City (and musings on photo-editing and appreciating the here and now)‘, ‘Postcard of the Week: New York’, and ‘Postcard of the Week: NYC in Collage‘.

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