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Win 2 return flights to New York City & £1,000 spending money with #ThruTheQ

Win flights to New York #ThruTheQ

Who doesn’t love a competition with free flights and a wad of spending money involved? 

If you’re hampering for a taste of the Big Apple, then I have a fantastic competition for you to enter, and it’s easy peasy. The prize is a pair of Aer Lingus return flights from a UK airport to New York City and £1,000 spending money to splash out with while you’re there!

So what has the Aer Lingus got to do with flights to the US you ask?

Well, let me tell a little story, of how I spent a painful 90 minutes queueing at the US border in San Francisco Airport on my last trip to the US. If you’ve been to the US before you’ll be familiar with how long the queues are, how painfully slow the border controls are and how the border guards interrogate you endlessly simply to scare you off? Nightmare. Little did I know however, that if you fly via Ireland with Aer Lingus then you can benefit from US Customs Border Protection (CBP) pre-clearance which is unique to Dublin. Going through the border in Dublin allows passengers to arrive in the States as domestic passengers, skipping the endless immigration queues upon landing stateside.

ThruTheQ competition to win flights to NYC

So what have I got to do with all this?

Aer Lingus has picked 19 bloggers to take part in their #ThruTheQ competition to turn it all into a bit of game! The blogger with the most votes will be flown out to NYC and become Aer Lingus’ official blogger, being their ‘man on the ground’ and writing a guide to the city. Quite obviously, I would LOVE to be their official blogger with an excuse to explore the Big Apple! So the way the competition works is you vote for your favourite blogger to fly to NYC (ahem… if you’re unsure who that is, that’s me!), and every single vote you give also enters you into the competition to win flights and £1,000 spending money too! To increase your chances of winning the prize, you can vote once every 24 hours until 26th March 2015, and it’s fine to vote for the same blogger each time! The prize draw will take place on Friday 27th March 2015 and one winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries received by the time the competition closes.

Also, each vote you give to The Well-Travelled Postcard gets me higher up the leaderboard (or ‘queue’) of travel bloggers waiting for the chance to fly to New York. So far I’ve risen from 13th to currently sit in 3rd position out of 19 bloggers, so I’m getting there bit by bit, but I really need your help to get up to the top! Luckily each of your votes also gets you closer to the prize as well! It’s a win win.

So how do you enter?

  1. Click here to go to the #ThruTheQ website
  2. Click ‘Vote Now
  3. Find ‘The Well-Travelled Postcard‘ in the list of bloggers and click ‘Choose Me’
  4. When they ask you ‘Which airport gets travellers stateside fastest?’, click ‘Via Dublin Airport(This is very important! If you choose either of the other cities you’re incorrect and your vote won’t count!)
  5. Enter your name, email address, preferred UK departure airport and then click ‘Tweet to Win
  6. Voilà!
  7. Optional but recommended: To increase your chances of winning, you can repeat the above steps every 24 hours until the competition closes at 11am on Thursday 26th March, giving yourself a total of 13 entries.

Good luck to you and thank you so much for voting for The Well-Travelled Postcard – I really appreciate all your help! Fingers crossed we both win!

ThruTheQ competition to win flights to NYC


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