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The Well-Travelled Postcard has a Facebook Page!

The Well-Travelled Postcard Facebook PageIt’s true! After over a year of travel blogging without a Facebook Page that’s open to the public, I’ve decided to take the plunge and create a page for anyone around the world on Facebook who’d like to follow my blog! I know that not everyone has Twitter, and not everyone checks their emails that often, so this is just another way of reaching out to you, my lovely readers, so head over to and like the Facebook Page. Alternatively you can click the handy ‘Like’ button you’ll find to the left of this blog post.

          I’d love to hear from you on Facebook so feel free to say hi! As my Facebook friends will already know, I am a big fan of creating Photo Albums on Facebook, so you can expect to have plenty more photos to browse of my recent travels, as well as my blog posts, instagram photos and whatever else comes to mind.

Postcard Competition

           I’ve created a Photo Album of all the Postcards of the Week that I’ve featured over the last year (69 in total) and I want to find out which are your favourites! It’s easier to see the postcards all together in the album (click here to go directly to the album) and then simply ‘Like’ your favourites. On Sunday 25th August I’ll add up which is the most popular postcard and compile a Top 10 of the postcards to date. So check out the album to cast your vote.

Tag your postcards

I’d like to see what postcards you’ve picked up from your travels, and now you can post them on the Facebook Page, or tag a postcard with ‘The Well-Travelled Postcard’. Make sure you tell us where the postcard is from, and on Sunday 25th August I’ll feature some of my favourites!facebook like icon

There are still all the usual ways to follow/subscribe to The Well-Travelled Postcard: Twitter, Bloglovin’, YouTube, Instagram and of course the ‘Follow Blog via Email‘ button to the left of this post.

That’s all for now! Hope you have a great week!

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