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Postcard of the Week: Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle from above          I have a bit of a thing for castles. Probably inspired by the bedtime stories of the two princesses that my father told my sister and I when we were younger.

         I went to Munich a couple of weeks ago and although my knowledge of Germany is very limited, I did know one thing: I wanted to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. Back in 2008 a friend of mine first showed me a photo of this fairy-tale castle perched on top of a hill, with sweeping views over the land, its elegant turrets and towers spiking majestically towards the sky.

         It looks stunning. Just looking at this postcard makes me want to buy a dirt-cheap and dilapidated castle to renovate simply so I can live in castle (and therefore a constant state of daydream).

         However the sad thing is that we didn’t manage to actually visit the castle as it’s over 2 hours away from Munich and we apparently woke up too late to make a proper day trip of it. So for now it’s going to remain on my “to-visit” list.

         Have you been to this castle? Is it as beautiful and majestic as it looks? Which is your favourite castle?


  1. This castle looks amazing. I hope I can visit it soon ❤
    Another castle that I love (and that I think you like too )is the one in Sintra, the coloured Palacio da Pena. But this is another fairy tale…


  2. Hey 🙂 I live in Munich, and I have been to the castle several times. It is really very nice. It never got finished on the inside as Kind Ludwig died unexpected, but there is one room which is so gorgeous. Bedroom I think.
    Trivia: Do you now the World Disney Castle? It was insipired by the Neuschwanstein castle 😉

    All the best from Germany


  3. I’ve also been loving castles since I was born and Neuschwanstein has always been number one for me, since the first time I saw it on a picture my wish to visit it has been strong and finally I did visit Germany (and the castle) this summer. The castle was the main reason for my vacation and it was definitely the best thing on my ten day-vacation in Bavaria. I did “feel home” so much with it and started to long back to it immediately after my visit was over, so I’ve already decided to visit it again next summer. It definitely lives up to it’s hype and the first time I saw it in real life I remained speechless for minutes. Pictures doesn’t explain it’s beautiness and how big it is and the place it’s built upon (with the lake behind and the mountains behind the lake if you see it from the front).

    To see it from the front – take the Tegelbergbahn, to see it from the side visit the Marienbrücke. You can walk from the castle to the Marienbrücke and then continue after the bridge and come to the Tegelbergbahn (from which you get the in my opinion most beautiful view). Best regards from Sweden.


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