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Postcard of the Week: Malaysia (the two species)

Orangutans         Malaysia is split in half by the South China Sea, with the Malaysian peninsula to the west and the much wilder Borneo to the east.  To the east we find gorgeous orangutans such as the ones in the postcard above, and it’s possible to go out and volunteer on orangutan conservation programmes, for example the one run by The Great Projects.

           To the west we find the more colonial Malaysian peninsula where humans are the main animals. Below is a great aerial postcard of a market in Malaysia. I have to say that the food in Malaysia is absolutely exquisite, as the country is incredibly multi-cultural and its cuisine has Chinese, Indian and Malay influences. My favourite of all does have to be Roti Canai (I have already talked about this in another post) and I highly recommend you investigate all the various dishes available in Malaysia – your tastebuds will thank you.

           Also take a look at Jamie Penketh’s guest post, which he wrote for this blog on his time living in Malaysia and working in a local hospital.

Malaysian Food Market


  1. Hey how cool that you posted some postcards of Malaysia! I’ll be going down there in August for nearly a month and will go to Borneo as well. I’m planning to do a round trip, starting and ending in KL. Do you have any tips on what to miss and what not?


    • For a month wow! I haven’t actually been to Borneo, we were coming to the end of our trip round south-east Asia and only had time for peninsula Malaysia. But Malacca is gorgeous, I adored the Perhentian Islands on the north-east coast because they were so untouched compared to the Thai islands. And Kuala Lumpur is lovely and colonial, yet really modern at the same time. Have a great trip!


      • Thanks for the response :)! Malacca was one of the 1st things I added to my ‘must-do’ list, so I’m really excited to see what it’s like.


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