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Instagramming my travels from January – March 2013

          I am a big fan of Instagram (you can find me at @vstuarttaylor) – possibly even more so than Twitter!  A browse through Instagram brings up lots of beautiful photos from my friends and other people I follow, among whom I recommend you follow: @my-dry-lips @rosielondoner @sophleartlt @travelingram @karagultolga. If you’re on Instagram then please let me know where I can find you, as I love discovering new gems!

I thought I’d give you a round up of my travels abroad over the last three months, as seen through Instagram.


Prague – late-January 2013

1. Having never been to the Czech Republic before, I figured I needed to do my research with some guidebooks. 2. I had a lovely time in the No.1 Traveller lounge in Heathrow Airport – starting off with pre-flight champagne and a manicure. 3. A view of Prague Castle from across the Vltava River, with a glimpse of the famous Charles Bridge. 4. A winding pathway down from Prague Castle on a crisp sunny Sunday morning. 5. Prague’s main square at night is buzzing with groups of people, especially as the Carnival was getting started as we arrived. 6. Kafka is the Czech Republic’s most famous literary figure, and this statue represents one of his characters.

(Take a look at my post on Prague – ‘Surprises from Prague’)

Dublin – mid-March 2013

1. On my very first night in Dublin my good friend Simon offered me a free VIP ticket to see Ne-Yo at the O2. Such a good concert! 2. A gorgeous chandelier in a bar I absolutely adored – Lost Society. 3. Sat in the sun outside a café overlooking the Liffey River on the day before St Patrick’s Day. 4. A must-see for tourists – the famous Trinity College, Dublin’s best university. 5. Dublin wass overrun with tourists on Paddy’s weekend and they were selling green tourist ‘tat’ at every corner, the city was a sea of green… 6. A fleeting sunny moment hit the Liffey River (the Irish claim to have worse weather than the UK) and I snatched the moment.

Madrid – mid-March 2013

Just 24 hours after landing from Dublin, and still not quite recovered from a buzzing St Patrick’s weekend in Europe’s drinking capital, I was back in the airport heading to Madrid for work meetings! Unfortunately I was only there for 1 night and didn’t have time to get into the centre of Madrid, so have no photos to show for it. A return trip is needed because I adore the city!

Skiing in France & Switzerland – late-March 2013

1. A glorious week skiing with family in Morzine, in France. This was actually the only sunny day we had in a very snowy week. 2. Moi, all kitted up against the snow. 3. A good soak in our Chalet’s Jacuzzi after a hard day skiing is exactly what’s needed. 4. From Morzine you can ski into several resorts in Switzerland (hence the flag), and this is the surreal view over the clouds below. 5. In the (rare) sun, the mountains are an absolute paradise and it was a welcome break from the building-packed and people-packed city of London. 6. Chalet Chambertin, where we stayed, had an amazing atmosphere of utter luxury while also feeling authentic, these vintage skiing photos were hung in our room.

To see more photos, follow me on Instagram and I look forward to discovering your Instagram photos too so I can add you to my list of who to follow!


  1. Lovely post,and beautiful pictures.l love to travel at least twice a year.Our next trip is to Alaska.Have a wonderful day.jalal


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