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Postcard of the Week: Whistler, Canada

Whistler postcard                The postage mark on this postcard shows that it was sent 20 years ago in 1993! I was just 4 years old. My parents escaped to Whistler for a two-week heli-skiing trip, which is not exactly something you can do with your 4-year old and 2-year-old daughters… In the postcard (not addressed to me, obviously) they talk about the snow conditions and the bliss of having a break from the challenges of parenthood and working life. Whistler is known for its huge skiable area and is apparently perfect for more advanced skiers.

               If I were to do another ski season, I’d like to try out North America, which would probably mean a Canadian resort like Whistler. I’ve worked in ski resorts in Europe (Courmayeur) and in South America (Portillo) so next up would be North America! I’ve skied once on Sugarloaf Mountain, in Maine, and that’s actually the first place I ever snowboarded. (I was 10 and hated it with a passion! There was too much pain involved and would never have imagined that later in life I’d persist with snowboarding and reach a decent level.)

What’s your experience of Whistler? Would you recommend it?


  1. I moved to Whistler for a season… 10 years ago! It’s that kind of place where you get stuck forever. It is a dreamy snow globe where wishes come true: eternal powder on acres of skiable terrain, an illuminated village stroll offering restaurants with delicious food and a vibrant nightlife, a backcountry that satisfy all extreme outdoor enthusiasts, and the beautiful city of Vancouver nearby sitting by the ocean.

    Definitely put Whistler on your list, you won’t regret it 🙂


  2. I have to agree with Noemie. Whistler is incredible. I came out for 3 months 5 and a half years ago and found myself ‘stuck’ here. Definitely the great kind of ‘stuck’ though. If you get the chance for a holiday or a season definitely take it.


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