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Art: Buddhists at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Buddhists at Angkor Wat in Cambodia          The contrast between the bright orange of the Buddhists robes and the cold colours of the sombre sculpture of the stone face make the people the focus point of this painting. It’s not until you look closer at the random lines of dark blue that you fully perceive the sculpture behind the protagonists. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is covered with these sorts of sculptures and, while the stones aren’t exactly blue in real life, the colour combined with the height of the painting show the importance of the sculpture, looking over the people below from up high.

          The fluid and inprecise brushstrokes form one of my favourite techniques. It’s one of my favourites, perhaps because I’ve never quite mastered it while retaining the original image depicted. My own painting swings on scale from either being too fluid and abstract, or too rigid, and I can’t achieve the balance that this artist has managed. This is definitely one of my favourites of my collection so far.

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