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Postcard of the Week: The Headland Hotel, Cornwall

The Headland Hotel postcard          Whoever thinks England is an ugly place should be shown this postcard. It’s of the beach directly beneath the majestic Headland Hotel, near Newquay in Cornwall. It actually belongs to some family friends and was the filming location of the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book The Witches. It has an unrivalled view, and its gardens in no way obscure the view with trees and shrubbery. They have immaculately mowed lawns and nothing else. The beach below is known as a prime surfing spot as it catches the Atlantic waves, and there are a number of surfing competitions that draw an international crowd to this fabulous little corner of England. The family don’t live in the hotel, as you might expect, and they have a slightly unusual hobby – hot air balloons! How amazing is that!

          Cornwall as a county is a maze of narrow country roads and tiny hamlets, and the locals can be rather frosty to the hordes of tourists and visitors from the rest of the UK. But it’s an idyllic county where everything runs at a more relaxed pace.

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