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No.2 in the ‘Top 10 Travel Blogs to Watch in 2013’

Top 10 - The Well-Travelled Postcard         I have exciting news –  this travel blog, The Well-Travelled Postcard, has nabbed the no.2 spot in a ranking of the ‘Top 10 Travel Blogs to Watch in 2013‘, as chosen by First Choice. The 10 blogs featured in the article are described as “up-and-coming travel blogs that will give you itchy feet…” and I do rather like how they’ve described my blog:

Virginia Stuart-Taylor collects postcards the way other people collect stamps. And she won’t leave a new country without picking up something arty, either. This blog acts as a virtual gallery for the pieces she’s curated during her time travelling and living abroad.

I really recommend your check out the other 9 blogs in the article as well:

  1. Vagabond Baking – a blogger who house-sits her way around the world
  2. Moi!
  3. The Travelling Calavera – a blogger who looks at places from a different angle
  4. 48 Hour Adventure – a blog about weekends away
  5. Office Breaks – a blog about escaping the office
  6. VickyFlipFlop Travels – a Londoner who’s travelled everywhere
  7. As The Bird Flies – a travel blogger fond of writing stories
  8. Travelling Shopaholic – a blog full of markets, boutiques and shops
  9. Lee Abbamonte – the youngest American to have visited every country in the world
  10. Bald Hiker – the travel blog that has it all

        For those of you outside of the UK who might not have heard of First Choice, they’re a large chain of travel agents across the country, that sell predominantly all-inclusive holidays. To be honest I don’t think I’ve been on one of their holidays, but I did coincidentally apply for the TUI Travel graduate programme (TUI Travel is the parent company of First Choice) while I was still at university.


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