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Postcard of the Week: Whale Watching near Vancouver

Whale spotting, Vancouver, Canada           Quite clearly, this is not a postcard of inner-city Vancouver, Canada. This is a postcard of a Killer Whale near Vancouver, in the Pacific Ocean off Canada’s west coast. Whale watching season is apparently from 1st April to 31st October and there are 3-5 hour boat trips that go out to look for the Killer Whales that come to the region to feed on the salmon that are returning to the Fraser River to spawn. I’ve never been to Canada unfortunately and this postcard came from some family friends who live over in Canada. But I would love to see this with my own eyes! According to this website a whale watching trip will cost you $130 for an adult and $100 for a student. As they claim to have a 90% success rate in spotting the whales, that sounds pretty reasonable…

          If you’ve seen them then do let me know what you thought! Did they live up to your expectations?


  1. I’ve seen them at home in Shetland and it’s amazing! Once we were out on my dad’s little fishing boat though and one came under the boat which was pretty scary. Never actually saw that one, just on the monitor – thankfully it stayed well underneath the surface!!


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